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Young Miscellany Folk Dance Group - Music

Click on the tune titles to see the notation (PDF), and on '♫' to download an ".mp3" file of the music. Tune titles including "(with desc)" are arrangements for Descant recorder.

Border Lilliburlero Original, Original (with desc)
Border Tides Original, Original (desc)
Border Tinner's Rabbit Uncle Bernard's Polka
Border Worcestershire Monkey Weasel's Revenge , , Weasel's Revenge (with desc)
Broom Devon Broom Dance The Keel Row, The Keel Row (with desc)
ClogPoverty KnockOriginal
Cotswold Balance the straw Original (Fieldtown), Original (with desc)
Cotswold Lucy of Lyne Lucy of Lyne (with desc)
Cotswold Black Joker
Upton upon Severn stick dance
Young Collins
Originals, Constant Billy (desc)
Country Cumberland Square Eight
with Dorset four-hand reel
Country Holmfirth Square + Moonstruck Miss Bennett's, I'm such a silly, My Old Man, Miss Bennett's (with desc)
Country Parliament Jig The Lemonville, Murray River, & Quarryman Jigs, Lemonville jig (with desc), Murray River jig (with desc), The Quarryman (with desc)
Country Virginia Reel Special medley, Special medley (with desc)
Molly Birds-a-Building Original, Original (desc)
Molly Ego Original, , Original (with desc)
Molly Green Fingers William Taylor's Table-Top Hornpipe, , William Taylor's Table-Top Hornpipe (with desc)
Molly Mississippi Mud Dance Original, Original (with desc)
North-West Trethowan The Quarry Cross, , The Quarry Cross (with desc)
North-West Poulton-le-Field Orange and Blue
North-West Staffordton The Lady in the Boat, Rosin the Beau Version with descant
Step-Clog Durham Hornpipe Harvest Home
Step-Clog Durham Waltz Special set,
Step-Clog Ossy Jig Rakes of Mallow
Miscellaneous Gathering Peascods Original , Original (with desc)
Miscellaneous Ribbon Dance The Oyster Girl , The Oyster Girl (with desc)
Miscellaneous YM Stave Dance Original (desc)
Country Blaydon Races Original (with desc)
Miscellaneous Bobby Shaftoe Original (with desc)
Miscellaneous Brighton Camp Original (with desc)
Miscellaneous Maypole Dance Special YM set
Cotswold Glorishears Original (with desc)
Cotswold Jenny Lind (Bampton) Original (with desc)
Coswold Shepherd's Hey Original (with desc)

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