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Young Miscellany Folk Dance Group - Costumes

Please note that all these dances have been listed in the order that will make costume changes easiest for everyone. Most programmes will therefore be listed in a similar order, if it is possible to do so.

Border Morris
  • Tides (short sticks)
  • Worcestershire Monkey (short sticks)
  • Lilliburlero (long sticks)
Black trousers, White blouse. pictureBlack trousers, White shirt, Blue neckerchief. picture
Tatters Jacket with baldrick underneath, Border Hat, mask & bells
Cotswold Morris
  • Jenny Lind (long & short sticks)
As above but all remove hat, mask & Tatters jacket
Broom Dance
  • Devon broom dance
As Cotswold but all remove baldricks and bells
pictureAdd red neckerchief and blue waistcoat. picture
Molly Dance
  • Mississippi Mud Dance
  • Ego
Individual costume.
Country Dance
  • Cumberland Square 8/Dorset 4 hand Reel
  • Holmfirth Square/Moonstruck
  • Ribbon Dance(ribbons)
White blouse, blue/red skirt. picture White shirt, Black Trousers, Blue waistcoat, Red neckerchief. picture
Northwest Morris
  • Staffordton (shakers)
  • Trethowan (bell sticks)
Same as Country dance, but Staffordton in shoes, and Trethowan in clogs
Step Clog
  • Ossy Clog
Same as Country dance + clogs
MaypoleSame as Country dance with shoes
NB - Girls wear character shoes or clogs, and plain white short socks for all dances. Boys wear black school shoes (not trainers), or clogs, and black short socks for all dances.

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